Welcome to the Endwell Fire Blog.

In the fire service we spend many hour planning, training and practicing for different scenarios and/or situations we may be faced with when called upon to help those in need of our services.  We have taken the same time and care in the development of our blog area and hope that you find this informative and useful.

We believe the blog name “Don’t be Alarmed” will truly reflect the content within this community resource for years to come.   The goals of this blog are very simple…

  1. To educate our community about what the Endwell Fire District and the members of the Endwell Fire Department does and why we do it.
  2. To recognize the contributions  of our members and show the value our organization brings to the residents and guests of the Endwell Fire District.
  3. To share important information about our organization and other happenings within our community.

We hope that through our Blog (and other communications) our visitors will learn more about our organization.

Thank you for the time you spend with us and your continued support of our organization.

The Members of the Endwell Fire District and Endwell Fire Department.